The Vote No 71 Trojan Horse is rolling through Colorado

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A 10-foot tall carved wooden horse is rolling through Colorado to warn against the nasty surprises hidden inside Amendment 71.  The horse symbolizes the ancient Trojan Horse that was used by the Greeks to destroy the city of Troy. The Greeks presented a beautiful wooden horse as a gift to Troy. The horse was received as a trophy and taken inside the city walls. Later Greek soldiers emerged from the horse and destroyed the city.

“The Trojan horse looked good to the people of Troy but resulted in the destruction of their city. Amendment 71 sounds good but it will destroy Colorado’s initiative process by raising the bar far beyond what any citizens group can reach,” said Paul Jacob president of Citizens in Charge a national organization dedicated to protecting and expanding the initiative and referendum process. “Powerful politicians and their cronies would like it to be more difficult for citizen groups to get on the ballot than it is for politicians and billion dollar corporations.”

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