Vote NO on 71

  • Amendment 71 is a power grab by Colorado’s political elite.  Far from reforming the initiative process, it rigs the system, putting the initiative process out of reach to all but politicians, the mega-wealthy, and deep-pocket special interests.
  • Amendment 71 requires 2 percent of valid signatures from each other Colorado’s 35 Senate districts to put a measure on the ballot, meaning one district in Boulder or Denver could kill a measure the rest of the state may want a chance to vote on.  With typical elitist hypocrisy, proponents of Amendment 71 didn’t even meet the signature-gathering standard they demand the rest of us live up to.
  • Amendment 71 changes the signature threshold from active voters to registered voters. While Senate districts have nearly uniform populations, they do not have a uniform number of registered voters; some districts have more single persons and families without children. As a result, the state’s largest district, SD-18, has 132,000 registered voters, fully 70 percent more than SD-21 with its 77,000 voters.
  • Amendment 71 is an invitation for legal mayhem. Imagine the 35 different sets of lawsuits, at least one for each senate district, over any proposed amendment – a heyday for lawyers.
  • Amendment 71 requires a super-majority of 55% to pass Constitutional amendments, but leaves in place the 50% standard for repealing amendments.  Meaning an effort to repeal parts of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) would only need a simple majority, but any effort to strengthen TABOR would demand a super-majority.  More elitist hypocrisy.
  • Proponents of Amendment 71 could have included a requirement that they meet their own super-majority requirement for 71 to go on to effect.  Cynically, they did not, because they knew it wouldn’t pass.
  • Amendment 71 came out of “Building a Better Colorado,” which also tried, and failed, to put a measure on this year’s ballot for a 10 year time-out from the revenue limits in TABOR. The original plan was to gut TABOR, then slam the door shut on citizens’ initiative.  A 71 is but one element of a well-funded attack on TABOR, which would lock in every past, and future, legislative and judicial weakening of TABOR, and ensure a TABOR strengthening measure will never make it on the ballot.

For more info visit, an independent effort against Amendment 71.


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